Robust & solid product made for a lifetime.

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The robust & solid central vacuum made for life

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Our units are entirely manufactured in Canada by central vacuum professionals. That's why we offer 5 year warranty and maintenance free filtration at crossvac.

HEPA-Filters. Zero maintenance needed.

We offer a 5 years or 500 hours warranty on the motor unit.

Why choose central vacuums?

You receive actual value for your money with our vacuums.

Value for your money

50+ yrs of wisdom get pumped into our central vacuums.

Solid and robust product

Warranty 5 years

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We know that marketing of products in a digital 24/7 world is freaking hard. That's why we are going to help you with marketing for your central vacuum business when you choose crossvac.

A central vacuum will keep your indoor air clean longer.

With a central vacuum cleaner you keep your indoor air clean for a longer time.

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