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BVC central vacuum cleaners are manufactured in Germany. The brand has been on the German market for many years. The filter technology is high-quality and it is offered up to 10 years warranty on the engine. Only high-quality products are sold under the BVC brand. You can already buy BVC central vacuum cleaners in New Zealand, Belgium and many other countries. The seat of the company is in Schweinfurt. The devices of BVC are Made in Germany. In former times Bosch engines were used, today high-quality and modern engines of the company Domel are used with the devices. 

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BVC inlet valve pure white aluminium
BVC inlet valve pure white aluminium
The BVC wall inlet pure white aluminium is one of the most popular wall inlets of our customers. It is made of a robust aluminium housing and treated with a special lacquer. This makes the wall inlet particularly resistant to scratches...
€44.90 *
BVC Saugdose reinweiß Kunststoff
BVC wall inlet pure white
BVC wall inlet pure white plastic, new design with modified lid for better grip of the rubber plate in the lid.
€29.90 *