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Central Vacuum Unit CVT4700Ai

Central Vacuum Unit CVT4700Ai

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  • Designed for large homes and commercial buildings
  • Hybrid model that can be used with or without bag, at any time
  • Equipped with AntiVibraSound system, which eliminates vibrations, and so keeps operating sound levels to a minimum
  • This model is equipped with an Information Center which signals recommended maintenance by indicating when to change the bag or empty the canister, and when to consult a technician in a service center
  • Self-cleaning HEPA membrane filter which captures microscopic particles
  • 10 years warranty on unit’s body


colour silver metallic
max length of suction pipes 125 meters
max suction 4318 mmWL
motor Electro Motor LLC.
max airwatts 708
max airflow 55,30 liters/sec
max ampere 9,1 Ampere
max power 2200 Watt
power voltage 230 Volt
valve voltage 24 Volt
motors 2
turbine van stages 2×2
noise level 72 dbA
filter mode HEPA-certified,Teflon coated
volume of dustbin 30 liters
height of motor unit 103,4 cm
diameter of motor unit 35,6 cm
weight of motor unit 17 kg