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Central Vacuum Unit CVF1450A

Central Vacuum Unit CVF1450A

€ 480,00



  • Designed for small homes, boats, mobile homes, condos and appartements.
  • Central vacuum with bag
  • Warranty: 5 years or 500 hours of use
  • Cleaning surface: up to 325m²
  • Equipped with AntiVibraSound system, which eliminates vibrations, and so keeps operating sound levels to a minimum
  • Its round filter protects the power unit motor
  • Electrostatic bag which captures dust and ensures constant maximum vacuum power


colour silver metallic
max length of suction pipes 15-20 meters
max suction 2497 mmWL
motor Ametek/Lamb Advantek II-Ultra
max airwatts 490
max airflow 69,17 liters/sec
max ampere 5,6 Ampere
max power 1487 Watt
power voltage 230 Volt
valve voltage 24 Volt
turbine van stages 2
noise level 57 dbA
filter mode Electrostatic bag, round filter
volume of dustbin 14 liters
height of motor unit 58 cm
diameter of motor unit 30 cm
weight of motor unit 7,6 kg