[spoiler title="What should I do if my central vacuum cleaner cant be stopped?" open="0" style="1"]Make sure that your on-off hose is not defective.
Check if the low voltage wiring is faulty.
Check if your hose is improperly inserted into the inlet valve.
To know the corrective action for each cause, please consult the owner’s manual of your central vacuum unit.
If your vacuum unit is still not stopping, contact your dealer.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title="What is the Teflon protection?" open="0" style="1"]The outer membrane of every filter is partially made of Teflon fibres.
This non-stick coating allows dust to be directed to the bottom of the dust canister, and not to block the filter by adhering to it, which ensures maximum filtration performance.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title="What is the AVS system?" open="0" style="1"]Our central vacuum cleaners are equipped with the unique AntiVibraSound system that eliminates vibrations.
This system minimizes the operating sound level to a minimum.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title="How do I change my central vacuum bag?" open="0" style="1"]Unlatch the two clips and remove the dust bin.
Remove the used bag and seal bag opening.
Put in the new bag.
Replace dust bin and seal by latching both clips.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title="What do I need to install my central vacuum system?" open="0" style="1"]A mitre box
A small saw or a pipe cutter
Fittings, couplings, glue, low voltage wire and vacuum pipes.
If you dont want to install your central vacuum on your own, we can recommend you some professional installers.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title="What do I have to control before operating my central vacuum cleaner?" open="0" style="1"]

Before operating your central vacuum, we recommend to check if:

Your central vacuum cleaner is properly connected to the vacuum pipe system
Your central vacuum is properly connected to the inlet valves
The low voltage wires are connected to the unit

Also, make sure that:

You have read the owner’s manual
You have proceeded with a verification of your unit’s installation
You have checked the bag (if used with a bag) and the permanent filter to be sure they are properly installed and not damaged.
You have checked the rubber seals in each vacuum inlet.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title="What is the Silent Line Plus Ai series?" open="0" style="1"]Our Ai central vacuum cleaner is equipped with a LED-Display that signals recommended maintenance of your vacuum cleaner.
This LED- Display  indicates when to change the bag or empty the canister, and when to consult a technician in a service center.
The Information Center, located at the front of the power unit, also indicates this information.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Are my central vacuum accessories under warranty?" open="0" style="1"]All attachments are guaranteed for two years.
If, during this period, any central vacuum accessories have a manufacturing defect, return them to your dealer or service center.
You must present a copy of your invoice clearly indicating the accessorie purchased.
It will be repaired or replaced according to the warranty conditions.
This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of components such as belts, brushes, rollers and their components, nor abusive use.
This warranty is valid only for normal domestic use and not for commercial use of any accessories.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Is it recommended to install an exterior exhaust from my central vacuum system?" open="0" style="1"]

When possible, it is best to install an exterior exhaust from your central vacuum system, because:

It makes the whole system more quiet.
It allows, if there is any damage on your bag or filter, to lift bacteria and mold outside.
It also pushes the heat, produced by the power unit motor(s),  outside and not in the room where your central vacuum is installed.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Is it possible to clean the Filter of my central vacuum cleaner?" open="0" style="1"]Yes, it is possible but not necessary as our units are maintenance free.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Does my central vacuum dirt receptacle require any maintenance?" open="0" style="1"]No, you just have to empty the dirt bin and put it back on the unit.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Can I  vacuum liquids with my central vacuum system?" open="0" style="1"]No, your central vacuum cleaner is designed to collect dry dust.
Do not use on wet surfaces.
Should you accidentally vacuum liquids, immediately unplug the unit from the electric outlet, then empty and wipe the dust receptacle with a dry cloth. Then, operate the system from the vacuum inlet through which you vacuumed the liquid, in order to eliminate all moisture in the piping system.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Are there some materials, beside liquids, that my central cleaning system cannot vacuum?" open="0" style="1"]Dont vacuum abrasive materials such as cement, plaster and gyproc dust.
This fine dust could work its way into the motor, causing considerable damage.
If you accidentaly vacuum such materials, you must contact your dealer/ service center immediatley.
Otherwise you could lose your warranty for the central vacuum unit.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title="What does hybrid stand for?" open="0" style="1"]The hybrid technology simply allows you to use your central vacuum cleaner with or without a bag.
You can easily choose which way to go.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title="What to do if my central vacuum cleaner doesn’t start?" open="0" style="1"]Check if the electrical power or the low voltage wiring is properly connected.
Check if any inlet valve is defective.
Control if the unit circuit breaker is off.
Control if your on/off hose is defective.
Please refer to your owners manual or contact a dealer/ service center if those suggestions do not help.[/spoiler]

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